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Automatic software installation on VPS

We have added the ability to automatically install software on VPS. Now a number of popular software can be installed on the server without manually entering commands in the console.

Currently, you can automatically install:

  • aaPanel
  • Hestia
  • GitLab
  • CyberPanel

To install, just click on the logo of the desired software on the "Software installation" tab in the "VPS" section, select the version, set the necessary parameters if necessary, and just wait. The system itself will execute the commands necessary for installation on the server with a real-time demonstration of the process. The installation process is described in more detail in our wiki.

The list of supported software will gradually expand, taking into account the wishes of users.

The functionality is in beta testing. If you have suggestions for its improvement, leave them through the feedback and suggestions section.

Napisał keeper15 31.05.2022 13:30 w 13:30