Może 17

Updated Storage service

We have completely redesigned the storage service: expanded access options and changed the payment format.

Key changes:

  • Each vault now consists of individual containers.
  • Each container can be one of three types:
    • Private - a closed container with access only via FTP or through a file manager.
    • Public — an open container with additional access via the web interface and the ability to download files via a link.
    • Gallery — an open container for publishing images, audio and video files in the form of a gallery with the ability to download files via a link.
  • The amount of storage can be changed at any time and flexibly distributed between containers.
  • Payment is debited from the balance once a day for the maximum amount of storage during the day.

For more information about repositories, see in our wiki.

Updated repositories are in beta testing. The functionality is being developed and improved. If you have suggestions for its improvement, leave them through the feedback and suggestions section.