październik 31

New WebMail

As a standard web-client on the hosting site, the popular free and open-source mail client RoundCube has been used for quite some time. Since it's a third-party development, it's difficult to add new features and support them. Therefore, we developed our own web-client which we'll be improving in the future.

The new WebMail is available at At the moment, all the basic functionality is implemented and the mail client can be used for full-fledged work with the mail. 

Key features:

  • Lightweight, simple and intuitive interface inspired by the classic Gmail interface.
  • You can log in to multiple mailboxes and work with them simultaneously in different browser tabs.
  • You can create common contacts that will be available to all mailboxes in the domain.
  • Emails are automatically grouped into threads.
  • You can create filter groups and switch between them.

We invite everyone to join the beta testing. Information on problems encountered and your wishes to improve the functionality can be left in the feedback section (button in the lower right corner of the WebMail interface).

The old web-client will continue to work at the same address as before.