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New storage features

We continue to work on the development of our services and added new features for the Storage service.

Own domain

To access the storage through the browser instead of an address like you can now use your own domain or subdomain. You can bind any domain that is served on our NS.

Torrent downloads

Containers of all types now support torrent downloads. Downloading is possible both with a torrent file and with a magnet link. You can select the files to be downloaded and the download directory before starting the download.

Deleting files

Added the ability to configure the container to automatically delete files after a certain number of days have passed since they were uploaded or last modified. For example, this can be useful when you back up some data to the container on a daily basis or when the container is used for regular file sharing that needs to be cleaned up regularly.

Detailed information about the service is provided in our wiki. Suggestions for improvement can be left through the feedback and suggestions section on